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stills from The Film Will Not Be Screened, Big Bang Kiss and Twisted Spirits

Big Bang Kiss, 2006
She was waiting for her close-up when their racket went wrong! Three Yugoslav partners-in-crime connect in Amsterdam to execute the final stages of a deal, but as the undertaking fails, their unity crumbles. Retreating to the hide-out set up by their mysterious boss, Mr. Markinkovich, Branko and Zeko are puzzled by the incongruous appearance of American actress, Alice Last in their odd refuge. Cast by Michael as the femme fatale in his latest noir-inspired movie, Alice is crashing in the Amsterdam atelier which doubles as his low budget film studio. Coincident with the arrival of the menacing intruders, her big picture dreams are dead-ended. Big Bang Kiss details the intersection of these characters as the Balkan comradeship explodes with lust, greed and betrayal, and Alice is unwittingly entangled in their madness.

The Hidden Face of Yugoslav Cinema, 2006 – (in progress)
Documentary essay about Jovan Joca Jovanović, Serbian film director, theorist and author of among others films, Young And Healthy As A Rose from 1971.

Birdman of Belgrade, 2006 – (in progress)
Documentary essay about Aleksandar Pavlović, zoologist and writer, author of lyrics for the album No Souvenirs Here.

Negative Man, 2004 (uncompleted)
The private life of a hit man told through audio flashbacks.

Undertaking, 2002/2003 feature (uncompleted)
A sailor of the the Merchant Marines is discarded from service after suffering from a strange form of vertigo and dizziness. On the way home he discovers his wife has betrayed him. On the street the sailor has a seizure and is hit by a car. Gloria, the driver of the car, takes him to her home. Sailor finds out that Gloria is being blackmailed and her life is at stake.

Twisted Spirits, 2001
Frank Mahoney and Patricia Bluewood are organizing secret smuggling flights from the Netherlands across the Atlantic with a Yugoslav ex-military pilot. After the pilot is murderer by his mistress in Paris, Mahoney and Patricia are desperately looking for a replacement pilot. NATO is attacking Yugoslavia. Melody, the murdering mistress is coming to Amsterdam with the money she stole from pilot. In Amsterdam she has an affair with James who then kills her and takes the money. On the way to the airport to leave the country, James is spotted by chance by Frank Mahoney. James is carrying the same bag as Mahony’s ex-pilot. Mahoney kidnaps James and forces him to fly the next mission. As Patricia is against James being the new pilot, Mahoney shoots her at the eve of flight. Even using autopilot James loses course and is shot down by NATO planes which are bombarding Yugoslavia.

The Film Will Not Be Screened (Film neci biti prikazan), 1988 feature
An unknown filmmaker is making a documentary about an obscure transvestite His drug addict girlfriend wants him to stop working on the film. Meanwhile he becomes obsessed with his documentary subject and secretly begins dressing as a transvestite and keeping a video diary. When his girlfriend finds it, she feels betrayed. When the transvestite commits suicide in front of the camera the shooting is prematurely cut short. The filmmaker returns home to find his girlfriend dead from an overdose. Upon completion of the documentary, a premiere is held. At the screening no one shows up except one state official. The filmmaker jumps from the balcony of the cinema. He survives his suicide attempt but the state official finishes the job by strangling him. The final shot is his screaming to an empty auditorium that the film will not be screened and everyone should go out.

Extinct Area A Long Time Ago (Odavno ugasen prostor), 1986/87 short
A militant revolutionary artist enters a fictional state exhibition of arts and culture destroying all the exhibits. A large part of this film was damaged in the lab process. Remaining parts were shown only once in public in 1987. Today the film is consider to be lost.

Film by Dejan Vlaisavljevic (Film Vlaisavljević Dejana), 1986 short
Contemplative filmic collage essay composed from images of military parades, home movies and leftovers from previous film projects. Film opens and closes with footage of the last military parade in Yugoslavia in 1985.

Made In Yugoslavia, 1986 short
Two friends meet again. One of them is a black market smuggler and hit man. When he vanishes his friend inherits his gun and goes on the street to find him.

Blues, 1986 short
Self-portrait using frame-by-frame method of filming

Sister Ray, 1985 short
Depiction of the Velvet Underground song, Sister Ray.

Organism (Organizam), 1985
A young man’s sexual obsession with a mannequin. An expressionistic descent to madness and the loss of artificial love.

The Station Entry (Ulazak u stanicu), 1984/1985 short
Homage to the Lumière Brothers.

The Empty Consciousness Stage (Stanje prazne svesti), 1984 short
A young man escapes urban boredom and commits himself to painting. Once his first and only painting is complete, he leaves it on the public street.