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covers of Private Eyes, Up, Besmrtnost, Blue Side of the Sun, No Souvenirs Here

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The Origins of Musical Practice (in progress)

No Souvenirs Here, 2008 CD album

Devil's Garden, Vol. 1 – 3, 2006 – (in progress)

Big Bang Kiss, 2006 unreleased CD

Jugoton (Yugotone), 2005 – (in progress)

Iron Horse, 2002 unreleased CD

Message To Andy Warhol, 2000 soundtrack

Blue Side Of The Sun, 1999 CD album

Transmission, 1999 unreleased EP

Get Back, 1997 unreleased

Godware, 1995 tape

Polar Twins, 1994 soundtrack

Minimal Protection Device, 1994

Amazing Flight Stories, 1991 unreleased

Great Movies, Vol. 1 and 2, 1989 cassette

Private Eyes, 1989 cassette

Up, 1989 cassette

Besmrtnost (Immortality), 1989 cassette

Transmission, 1999 unreleased